you know that feeling you get everytime you make a poptart? im talking about the one when you are waiting for it to pop out of the toaster...you stand there and know that at any moment it is going to pop up, but no matter how much you embrace yourself for that moment, it still scares the crap out of you when it finally shoots up anyways?

i think thats a lot like love.

you spend all your time waiting for it. anticipating the moment it finally arrives. but no matter how well you prepare for it, hope for it, or dream about it....when it finally comes you are scared out of your mind.

the weird thing though is that you are expecting it to happen, you know its coming...but then it finally does and its as if it came out of no where. like in a new york alley, you know the danger is there but when you finally do finally get mugged or jumped or gang beat its a complete surprise to you.

just a thought.


1) my name is lucy.

2) i probably have a million layers to my personality...at the least.

3) i have two best friends maggie and zeke.

4) i am a flirt.

5) i am way bigger than the life i am leading

6) i am a dreamer, a lover, a hopeful romantic, and a thinker

7) i am going to change the world.